The Study

The law firm Badalamenti, founded by lawyer. Anna Badalamenti, was founded with the idea of offering highly specialized and diverse services, putting at your disposal a team of professionals able to combine their skills with those of experts operating in other sectors.

The law firm Badalamenti operates at high standards of preparation; This is made possible thanks to the multiple specializations achieved by members of the study, the constant professional development and to the contribution of professionals with recognized expertise in the various areas of law.

We address the issues submitted to our judgment so careful and meticulous, evaluating all the pros and cons of possible actions available.

Only after a careful analysis of the issue, we agree with the client the strategies to be adopted. Don't we neglect never the litigation out of court, both of which in the course of the proceedings, provided that the amicable dispute definition is acceptable to the customer.

In the course of the professional relationship, all activities are communicated to the party represented in the manner agreed upon. If necessary, let the customer at our Office, to assess the effectiveness of the defensive line, also in the light of any changes in the dynamics of the proceedings.

In the professional practice of the Office we use, if necessary, the support of other professionals; specifically, accountants, engineers, architects, medical examiners, industrial experts, colleagues out of Office in the event of litigation or addressees professionals experienced in matters which are outside of our normal experience.

In this way, we are able to assist clients globally, in any area and throughout the country